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    Welcome to the website for Devious, an Eden Eternal Guild on the Aquamarine server. We're currently a level 1 guild, working hard towards leveling and getting a town. Register to be able to access guild events, game guides, and much more. 

    If this is your first time visiting the website, be sure to check out the guild rules here. We're not a strict guild, but we do expect a certain amount of activity and communication from our members. Don't fear though, we're pretty laid back and like goofing around.

    Eden Eternal is a mmorpg developed by X-legend and published by Aeria Games. Open Beta was released on June 16, 2011 and the game has been constantly adding new updates and content since. The most recent release being the Zumi race, a mouse like creature, though currently can only be played as male. 

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Moving Sites

icess86, Jul 20, 11 12:42 AM.
In the process currently of transferring, updating and changing things from the old site to the new one. The last guild hosting site was a trial, and I didn't know once it was up all the cool features were just going to disappear. And in the goodness of keeping things free rather than paying for a guild site, I'm going to transfer us to this one. It not only has more features, but has a ton more options for content compared to the other site. Once everything is moved and opened up member registration will begin.
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Currently recruiting active, fun, and friendly players for our guild. While we don't expect you to be chatty and involved at all moments, we do expect you to at least take part in some events, help with gathering guild fame by doing guild quests, and help lower level members if you can. If you're in
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